PUB 530 – İş Dünyası ve Siyaset


2014-2015 Fall Term

Corporate World and Politics Syllabus

COURSE INSTRUCTOR : Elif Dördüncü Aydemir, PhD


COURSE DESCRIPTION : This course focuses on the logic of the interaction between political decisions and international business initiatives.  We are going to examine and introduce the essential theories, research and practices of different forms of relations between business firms and government. While governments establishing the essential conditions within which businesses must function, are also influenced and find themselves under the pressure of global economy actors.


COURSE OBJECTIVES : In this course,we would like to demonstrate and examine the corporate participation process in policy making. While understanding how the business life is shaped by the conditions imposed by the government we will show how the governments are affected by the corporate pressure groups.  The student is invited to revisit the essentials of planning and decision making process of both the firms and the government and examine the differences in case studies of various sectors.


COURSE STRUCTURE : The format of this course is a combination of lecture, discussion and examination of different communication materials used in campaigns. The students are also expected to follow the reading material proposed to enhance a lively debate. As independent and critical thinking is valued in this class, questions and debates which will incorporate material from lectures, readings and perceptions are welcome in the class.



COURSE SCHEDULE : This course is scheduled for  the 14 weeks of fall semester 2013-2014. Each week having 3hours of lessons the titles for each week will be as follows:

Week 1:  Introduction to Government and Business Relations

– How the conditions are set in different forms of governance

– The actors and functions of the main politico-economic actors

Week 2: Business Strategy and Public Policy Making

Week 3: Lobbying, Acvocacy and Influence

Week 4: Corporate environmental and Social Policy

Week 5 : : Public Opinion Shaping and Policy Making

Week 6 : Business and Policy Making in Developing Countries

Week 7 : Global Trends and International Economy

Week 8 : Business Ethics and Policy Making

Week 9 : Law, Economics and Politics

Week 10  : Government Relations in Turkey

Week 11 : Government Relations in EU

Week 12 : Sector Analysis : Energy and Defense

Week 13 : Sector Analysis : Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Tabacco&Alchool

Week 14 : An  Overview of the semester


READING MATERIAL : The reading material for this course is a combination of reference books, articles, press releases, speeches and other campaign information. Also, campaign material used during the previous elections will be revisited. The reading language will be English and Turkish. The list of this material will be distributed to the class.


ATTENDANCE : While there will be no penalization for absence, the flow of the course is highly dependent on the attendance. That’s why full attendance is encouraged for the final success. Any work due on a day the student is absent will be considered late, unless the absence is excused by the administration of the faculty.



GRADING :      Class Participation  20%

Research & Group Presentation 40 %

Final Exam 40 %



QUALITY OF WORK AND ACADEMIC INTEGRITY : The student is expected to complete quality work reflective of his/her intellectual abilities. This includes the amount of research and work put into the readings and assignments as well as attention to details such as proper grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, writing style and format. The student is expected to turn in his/her own work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Proper citation and referential use is expected.





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